Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shelter from the Storm

haven't much to show you. so i'm mostly going to talk about music. there is this though, graphite and house paint on random bit of wood (unfinished);

Check out the latest New noise podcast. A special listen out for the opening and closing tracks. Sweeeeet! That Fixer track may be a new fav.

Great gig in Whelans on Thursday; Catscars, Ilex and Angkorwat. had yet to see ilex or angkorwat live, so was especially looking forward to them. Can generally be the case with that sort of synthy, laptop music that the live performance just doesn't translate, but they were brilliant. Just quality tunes, and major dancing urges. I probably talk enough about ilex on this blog, but if you haven't heard her, i recommend Bells W/ Nobs On as a good place to start. (Then i recommend you pay the neat little euro each for the rest of her tracks up there and hope she makes an album soon).

And this, a lovely film about a lovely teacher. short simple little piece but beautifully shot and edited.

Shelter from the Storm from John X. Carey on Vimeo.

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