Friday, April 15, 2011


Just want to direct your attention to Daydreamer, an online art, music and photography magazine. It's jammed full of stuff, loads of articles, interviews and artwork and pretty pictures, and really nicely laid out. I love how it actually feels like a magazine, not just the look, but how it reads. I still prefer my books to my blogs in that respect, so it's a lovely touch. I have an illustration featured in it, many thanks to Arsheen and Anahita. i'm grateful to be included in something with so positive a theme. i do worry my pictures are terribly depressing to the people not in my head. their facebook page is here.

The illustration featured is now up for sale on the website as part of the Red Cross Appeal.
It's "Choose your Price", so give the biggest money! it all goes straight to Red Crosses response to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

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