Saturday, December 18, 2010

i smell a new year

here's thursday night's set-up from Flashlight in twisted pepper;

there was supposed to be more and for it to be nice and flush to the wall, but it was nasty concrete that didn't want to co-operate. i would love a nice agreeable wall to hang things on. and light. how i miss the light. good night though, and i had a most welcome neighbour to keep me company. some decent tunage too, expecially enjoyed lisa mcLaughlin, she has a great voice, was a pleasure to hear her perform.

i'm taking part in a charity exhibition in january, which i'll get more details for later. but besides that, i'm planning on laying low over the next while. i've given the markets a break and no exhibitions on the horizon. if people are looking to purchase work, then please email me. i'm moving house soon (the details of which i'll no doubt blog about over coming weeks) and hope to be edging ever-closer to a relatively moneyless existence, so i've plans to set up some form of online shop, happily inspired by this lovely little site; only i'll likely be looking for offers along the lines of potatoes and firewood and new socks! i also have a few projects which i'm looking forward to getting cracking on in the new year, and so as not to end up as "the crazy man in the cottage by the lake", i'll likely be blogging all about my most awesome adventurings and inane daily happenings.

and lets not forget the snow monkeys.

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