Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I haven't been posting much of other people's work lately. must remedy that. so, here's some things i've been enjoying this week;

first off, really liking vicki hartman's house sculptures. lovely simple shapes, something very reassuring about how solid they feel. plus i love how they're half sculpture, half canvas to these minamalist drawings. anyway, have a look.

There was a great series of work by Escif and Hyuro on Unurth about a week ago. Lovely stuff;

if you haven't already, download Low Flying Crow by Sunburnt Jets, latest creative output of Colin Boylan. He never fails to write the most delicious melodies and doing only interesting things with them. So far, personal favourite has to be Look Who's Laughing Now.

and lastly, some wise words from the most delightful and gorgeous of men :)

I also haven't posted a Gulf Fund picture in a while (I took a week off from communication a week ago, so I'm a bit behind with my interwebular duties), so I'll get one posted in a few days.

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