Sunday, February 21, 2010

rest at worlds end

here's two new drawings. working on a few coloured one's as well.

slightly obsessed with kingfisher's lately, after a trip to the museum triggered some vague, and as of yet unidentifiable, childhood recollection.

some new photos up on flickr;

been listening to Humcrush's Rest At World's End (listen to "stream"). very insane. a must listen for anyone interested in live experimental electronica or obscenely complex percussion. and if you like that, keep an ear out for the slightly more chilled Rainfear. there's only a snippet on the site, but i got to listen to a bit of the album that's being mixed and sounds pretty sweet.

some kind soul has nominated Invert This Space for the Irish Blog Awards. only initial raw nominee lists up, but still, thanks to the organisers and sponsors. look forward to checking out some of the other nominations.

also, i'm on the look out for a space to exhibit (preferably in dublin) and most welcoming of suggestions.

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