Sunday, January 31, 2010

things from the outside world

this video has three of my favourite things; trees, fungi and efterklang (who i'm growing increasingly fond of).

Modern Drift by Efterklang from Rumraket on Vimeo.

the installations and paintings of hiro kurata

Interview with Malalai Joya on RAWA news.

a few little snippets;
"There is a superpower in the world besides the US government -- world public opinion."

"The Afghan government begs for funding from the international community in the name of its people, but the billions of dollars poured into the country are looted by warlords, drug lords, national and international NGOs and government officials. Much of it goes back into the pockets of the donor countries."

"Obama is making the world more unjust and insecure by waging new wars in Pakistan, Iran and Yemen, and also by increasing troops in Afghanistan. While billions of people around the world and inside the US are living in poverty, he is increasing the Pentagon's overall budget in fiscal 2011 to a record $708bn, which is ridiculous. Spent in the right way, this huge amount could ensure peace and prosperity around the world."

"Our people want democracy but now know that occupation will never bring democracy for them. Because democracy without independence has no meaning. When Afghan people raise their voice for independence, western forces call them "tribal" and "anti-democracy", while those barbaric warlords and Taliban who have accepted the US occupation and are in the parliament are called "democrats""

"We can change our destiny by our struggle and efforts."

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