Monday, September 28, 2009

Settling in for hibernation

i've spent most of the day turning my bedroom into a study. both as a money saving initiative by creating homely comfort, thus saving on cafe expenses, and also inspired by visit to a friend's most enviable work space. it's still minus the all important desk, but i hope to throw one together later in the week. i haven't, as yet, decided where it is i plan on sleeping, but that is a trivial matter.

also doing some actual work. restarted a painting i'd thrown myself on for a live show with the ever-mourned Green Lights last year. hoping it will turn out nicely. not too sure of the colour though.

and this one. though all i seem to be doing is putting on more coats of only the yellowist yellow...

and this little bugger was driving me crazy all night. i swear he was following me most of the day too...i think he may simply be lonely.

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