Friday, August 15, 2008


the pain doesn't come from the problems
an arbitrarily chosen segment along a linear path
it is the results of balanced mechanism
it is release
it cannot be shared and so is absolutely and completely ours

alleyways fascinate me. one second they're not there, a blank wall, the next; the city opens up a natural frame, a tributary...and then its gone again. perspective is a funny i move the world around becomes bigger and smaller but always stays the same...

new green lights e.p., out soon. making a limited edition set of hand-made covers too. they'll probably be for sale from october , but the e.p. should be in stores (tower records/road records/hmv, dublin) next month. they're still unsure of the title, but for now its "don't be robots". other suggestions, "time to tell the parents" and "tiny little ghost". a track on the ep, tiny little ghost, gave the idea for the handmade edition. going to be in the form of a little diary. but not in a morbid manner. anyway, here's the main cover;

good things looking forward to this weekend;
busby berkeley video collection tonight
free cathy davey gig tomorrow
friends from hometown visiting


bob marley & lucy liu said...

Ah! I want one with the hand-made cover! They'll sell fast; that looks great! Hope the weekend went well; how fun to see old friends. --sandi

redegg said...

can't wait to see this!!

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