Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gulf Fund Sale - SOLD

So, lately my mind has been preoccupied with the gulf oil spill. i could rant about this for ages, but i'll just get to the point;

I'm going to offer a picture every week (hopefully every week, i'll try to make it regular). The buyer/donator can choose to pay however much they want (whether it's a 5euro or 100, its up to them) and the money will go straight to the Gulf Restoration Network. For now it won't be auctioned, just first come first serve (just send me a comment or email), as i don't imagine i'd have too much of a blog readership to warrant auctioning. so i would ask only make an offer if you truly want the painting/drawing and are willing to donate money, however little or much.

i would like to avoid any sort of postage or avoidable travel for delivery if possible. obviously if you live in monaghan or dublin, this is fine, and i'd be happy to deliver the item personally or arrange a meeting. if its not possible for me to do so, for those living outside Ireland, i'll post and add more to the donation myself. but i would rather this be as unhypocritical and as social an endeavour as possible. i'll sort payment and delivery on an individual basis.

i've donated most of the profits from the last market to GRN (60euro), so thanks to people who bought stuff. if you want to donate yourself, you can do so here. or if you like the idea of art for a good cause, check out My Love For You's fundraiser and the Renman Project.

anyway, so here's first off;

This is one of the more recent one's. They'll be different every week, different sizes and mediums. This seemed an appropriate one to start. it's 12.5cm x 20cm, pen drawing on a page from a Japanese mathematics book (it could be chinese and it could have nothing to do with mathematics...if anyone knows better, please tell me).

Thanks for listening :)


hutch said...

barry! as im not the richest man in ireland but love the cause and your work ill offer 20 bills for one if thats ok!
Ger Duffy

Alexander Kramer said...

Looks Chinese to me, as there is no hiragana (essentially "cursive" characters) for Japanese.

As to what it's about. No idea.

Unknown said...

Ah, great, thanks akexander! Ger, i'll chat to you over on facebook :)

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